Condo Insurance

Did you know that 61% of condo owners assume that the building or property management company’s insurance covers damage to their unit? Unfortunately, this is not the case. A condominium association insurance policy will only cover the structure of the building, not the individual units, you are generally responsible for providing condo insurance coverage for everything inside your units walls.


It is best to keep informed on what the condo building insurance covers and what condo insurance coverage you will need. The monthly condo fees help pay for the insurance the condo association needs for the building, common areas, and general building liability. Personal condominium insurance coverage is not included in those fees.


Insurance for Your Condo Unit

Condo insurance or HO-6 insurance will provide protection for damages to your unit due to fire, water, windstorms, or other natural disasters. An HO-6 policy will also cover loss or damage to personal contents of your unit, including: fixtures (like appliances, wiring, and plumbing), flooring, unit upgrades, personal liability coverage, and loss of use.


The total amount of coverage you require will be based on the value of the contents of your condo. Contact us at 780-449-1411 to see what condo insurance discounts we can offer or complete a condo insurance quote request online and we will send you a free, no-obligation quote that clearly lists the most competitive rates from a number of insurance companies.